The Big Three

Our mission as a church is to make disciples of Jesus.  Our process for making disciples is threefold:

  • We want people to come to KNOW God in a personal way
  • We want people to GROW in that relationship with God and in authentic community with one another
  • We want people to SHOW God’s love in practical ways to our community and world

So our process is KNOW - GROW - SHOW which sounds great and ryhmes, but what does it really mean?  How do we do it?  Well, we have identified three key practical and measurable ways in which we seek to implement this strategy for spiritual growth.

The ALPHA COURSE has been a proven method for many years for helping people come to know Jesus in a personal way and to get grounded in the basics of the Christian faith.  CELL GROUPS are the best means we have found for helping people to grow in authentic relationship with God and with one another.  And OUTREACH is the way in which we show God's love in practical ways to those outside the church walls.  

The following diagram illustrates this simple process for making and growing dsiciples of Jesus.



Here's Pastor Peter Explaining This Vision and Process for Our Church