Unwrap the Gift!

December 10, 2017 | by: Peter Churness | 0 comments

Hey One Hope,

At the end of the message today I provided you with a link to our site where you can sign up to receive hourly texts and/or emails of bible verses you can reflect on during the coming couple of weeks. In case you missed it (or tried entering it in as it appeared on the screen - which it turns out should have been all lower case for it to work - sorry about that), here's the link where you can sign up:


Hourly messages will start at 9am each morning and the last one will come at 8pm each evening and will run through Saturday, December 23.

As they come to you via text or email, I would encourage you to take 60 seconds to reflect on the verse and to latch on to one phrase or thought expressed in it. Then just "chew" on that thought or phrase and pray it through as you go about your day.

Blessings on you as you "practice His presence" this Advent season!


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